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This is Life Right Now

And then there were five. In a week it will have been two months since the birth of our newest addition.

If you don’t know me, you are probably wondering if the wee one is another boy or if he is a girl. Oh you caught that, huh? Yep, he is a boy! ūüėČ If you ever want to talk about boogers, wrestling, or how to get pee off of your bathroom floor I am¬†your gal! It’s officially official, I am a boy Mom. ¬†#TestosteroneEverywhere #Outnumbered ūüôā

The transition from two to three has been interesting to say the least. On some days, it doesn’t feel very different or difficult. The baby sleeps like a dream, my older two¬†eat halfway organic (Organic plastic ware counts, man!), and nobody beats up anybody.¬†Sometimes¬†I even have a couple of¬†those days in a row. In fact, I might start feeling like Super Mom…but…those feelings are usually short lived. Eventually¬†somebody decides it would be fun to make edible paint (not the kind you would find on pinterest. Noo, we’re talking halfway organic paint, i.e. plates thrown on¬†floor and chewed up lunch smeared across the table kind of¬†paint), turn the living room into a toy store (dump), and poop in their underwear in their bed in the middle of the night. Yes sometimes very suddenly, those¬†Super Mom feelings morph¬†into Hulk Smash feelings and I have to start doing some serious praying!

At times, amid the chaos or even in the middle of the peaceful moments, I find myself thinking,¬†“Wow, this is life now” and not in a positive way. But really, what I should be saying and what I am trying to actively remember is, “This is life right now” Having three boys that are three years old and under is hard. Wiping sticky remnants of breakfast off the floor while holding a fussing 2 month old in the other arm? Yeah that’s hard. Not being able to calm my baby down because he has a bunch of poop that won’t come out–hard.¬†BUT while this is life right now it won’t be how life is always. I am in a season of life. My children won’t stay little forever or proudly announce to all their friends “That’s my Mom!” These days that I have, that my children have are days that have been given to us by the Lord and rather than be conquered by the chaos that is three boys, I am trying to learn to embrace it and use my time and my life to¬†teach them–and myself God’s truths, to live out and¬†teach the¬†gospel!

When things turn cray cray my initial course of action is to do whatever it takes to put an end to the situation¬†as soon as possible,¬†but sometimes it’s better to slowly work through why we decided to punch brother in the face and take the time to talk about how¬†screaming “I dun lieke ewe” followed by a right hook¬†is in fact a¬†sin, a sin that separates us from God. Sometimes these sticky chaotic moments of life are actually the perfect moments to teach our littles about the¬†Lord. They are opportunities to teach them unconditional love, patience, kindness, and self control to name a few. They are opportunities that we have right now and may not have later.
Life is made up of seasons, and in each season we have a unique opportunity to be faithful with what God has given us. So, rather than telling myself “This is life right now” as a way to mentally escape the madness I am going to remember this truth and use it as a catalyst to be faithful in the time, days, moments, and seasons I’ve been given. Rather than worrying about how much sleep we¬†get or how hard it is to break up a toddler fist fight, we need to¬†remember that this is the day the Lord has made,and¬†rejoice and be glad in it. We must¬†take the opportunity to¬†train our children up in the way they should go because tomorrow might be the start of a new season or tomorrow our children might be at home with the Lord.¬†Either way, rather than trying to keep my head down and just make it through,¬†I am going to pray that the Lord helps me to fix my eyes on Jesus and train my children to do the same. I don’t know what season you are in, but I hope you will too.

Grace – Boymom