Extremely Difficult Mommy Decisions

I literally was chanting “Pick the (8)
As a Mom, sometimes we are faced with extremely difficult decisions.

Do you let the kids into the bathroom while you pee or do you lock them out and endure the banging fists? You locked them out and now they are screaming “Mama! MAMA! LET ME IN! I wanna go pee wit you!” Bang bang bang. And then suddenly all is quiet. You relax for a few seconds when out of nowhere: BANG BANG BANG! They are back and they aint banging with their fists no more! Do you get up in the middle of your business and rescue your new hardback book i.e. their battering ram, or do you stick to your guns and pee in um peace?

Here’s another. The kids are playing outside but dinner will be done any minute. “Time to go inside. Let’s wash up for dinner!” you say. “Wah Meer Meep eeee Noooo! (<–a toddler’s way of warning you of an impending meltdown) Mama! I wanna stay outsidee! Pwease!!!”  Do you let the kids play another 10 minutes or drag them inside now–kicking and screaming? Neighbor one is outside watering his plants. Neighbor two is checking her mail. Do you really want them to experience the deafening screams of a child in full blown tantrum mode? Neighbor two doesn’t have any children yet…what if she thinks you are abusing your children and calls CPS on you?? Hmm. The roast has been in the crockpot for 8 hours so ten more minutes can’t hurt, right? ~10 minutes later~ She is still thumbing through her mail. Really?? Lady, I hope there is a jury summons somewhere in there (Just kidding)! Your stomach rumbles. Who cares about CPS, it’s chow time! “Come on kids,we are going inside NOW.” <insert primal toddler screaming>

The kids are sleeping. The house is unnaturally quiet… Should you take a shower or take a nap?? You are exhausted because your children tag teamed, keeping you up all night! Coffee is UHmazing but realistically, it can only do so much. But on the other hand, dry shampoo can also only do so much and today will be the third day since your last shower. Definitely an extremely difficult Mommy decision.

Here’s a real life example…not 30 minutes ago…

I am rocking my 17 month old (spoiled much??) to sleep when suddenly the moment I’ve been waiting for arrives! His eyes are finally closed and his breathing slows. It is *DRAMATIC PAUSE* Mama Time! Can I get a whoop whoop?? My brain starts racing and I’m thinking, “Should I take a bubble bath? Read some Scripture? Paint my nails? Write a blog post—wait a minute. What is that on his face?” A big fat sticky smooshy booger is hanging right inside his left nostril! Cue: Extremely difficult Mommy decision time. Do I give in to my Mom OCD and pick that sucker and risk waking him up AKA risk losing my precious Mama time?? OR do I ignore my instincts and lay him down? I was literally chanting “Pick the booger or paint the nails?” Sweet dreams little one! I chose the safe route, of course, and here I am writing a blog post. We’ll see if I get around to painting my nails. Happy Tuesday, folks!

What “difficult” decisions have you had to make lately?


2 thoughts on “Extremely Difficult Mommy Decisions

  1. While at the store last week my 2 year old son decided to chuck an entire container of blueberries across the store. I had to make the decision to- A. Walk away like nothing had happened. B. Pick up every blueberry while everyone watched. C. Get upset and storm out of the store. I chose a little of each. I was certainly upset- as this was right after we started shopping. I chose to stoop down and pick up as many as I could. And then I walked away. Motherhood is full of these difficult decisions. Great post!


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