The Treherne Family Binder


Organization is not one of my natural strengths. As a new wife I can remember walking around our one bedroom apartment in a daze trying to figure out how to clean and organize everything. I remember tearfully telling my husband that I was a terrible homemaker and a Proverbs 31 failure. My sweet Love never once belittled me or added fuel to my shame. Instead, he encouraged me to remember that my worth is in Jesus–not in how well I keep house. That being said, he also encouraged me to be a good steward and to develop better habits and systems that would help me to thrive in my position as homemaker.

Three and a half years later I can honestly say that I have improved by leaps and bounds both in putting my identity in Christ and in keeping a tidy home. I still have far to go and like almost every wife and mother, have days where I feel like I’m (okay am literally) buried in laundry and housework but those days no longer own me or take me into a downward spiral of Proverbs 31 disillusionment.

Today, I wanted to share with you one of my more recent systems that has been a huge help to me. My Home Management Binder is a place where I can plan out the week ahead as well as jot down important bits of information, goals, and to dos.

I bought a (pink!) binder from Walmart and filled it with different charts and graphs I printed off the internet. All of them were completely free and in case you want to make a Family Binder as well, underneath the pictures below are the affiliate links. I laminated and hole punched most of my pages and use wet erase markers to fill in the fields. That way instead of printing the same page out THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE times I can just wet the page and erase at the start of each day. 🙂

Here are the pictures of my Binder. Enjoy!


Editable Cover Sheet  Source: Erin Rippy


Cover Sheet Source: Erin Rippy


Editable Calender Source: Erin Rippy


Daily Schedule Source: The Buttoned Up Blog.


Daily To Do List Source: DIY Home Sweet Home Blog.


Children’s Checklist Source: The Buttoned Up Blog.


Clean House Worksheet Source: DIY Home Sweet Home Blog.


Individual Goal Worksheet  Source: The Buttoned Up Blog.


Weekly Meal Planner  Source: The Buttoned Up Blog.


Diet and Exercise Worksheet  Source: The Buttoned Up Blog.


Time Management Worksheet Source: The Buttoned Up Blog


General List of To Dos Source: The Buttoned Up Blog


Master Goal Worksheet Source: The Buttoned Up Blog


Dates to Remember Worksheet Source: DIY Home Sweet Home Blog


Monthly Spending Worksheet Source: The Buttoned Up Blog


Bill Payment Checklist Source: DIY Home Sweet Home Blog


Books to Read Worksheet Source: DIY Home Sweet Home Blog


I enjoy having a scrapbook page of my boys at the back of the binder. Makes me smile. ❤


10 thoughts on “The Treherne Family Binder

  1. I have used many of the pages in your binder and loved them! I really loved the goal worksheets and there was a gift giving sheet that I loved because I could remember to buy (and budget for) gifts!


  2. I have had many planners, notebooks, etc. to help me stay organized and I love so many things in your planner that I will use! Looks like a fun way to keep track of things.


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