Cucpake Themed Baby Shower!

internet safe collage

I recently threw a baby shower for my good friend, Sarah. She owns an in home bakery and wanted her shower to be cupcake themed. At first I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off but it came together so beautifully that I found myself wishing I could make a random cupcake themed room in my own home! Here are some of the pictures and details in case you would like to use some of my ideas…

For the table skirt I used a regular $1 table cloth. I folded it in half and then taped the top edges to the table. Since one side of the table was out of view I only needed to use one table cloth. If you want both ends of the table to have a skirt you would need to buy a second table cloth.

The beautiful polka dotted table runner was made out of wrapping paper. Very easy and only cost $2.
These gorgeous pretzels were fairly easy to make. I used Wilton’s white candy melts, violet icing coloring, and pear sprinkles. 

The cupcake cake did not quite turn out how it was pictured in the catalog but at least the colors matched the decorations perfectly!

aacupcake cake
Instead of trying to find baby themed food I decided to simply put out a variety of tasty party foods! Pictured from left to right: Cheetos, Homemade Butterscotch Cookies, Cupcake Cake, Sixlets, White Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Vegetable Tray, Ruffle Chips, and Artichoke Dip. The punch was made out of Sprite, Frozen Concentrated Raspberry Lemonade, and Rainbow Sherbert. Mmm Mmm!
aatable spread
I made this 5×10 collage on Smilebox, one of my favorite (and free) computer programs.
I searched google images for a cupcake pattern, printed it off, cut it out and used it to make several of the cupcakes pictured below. I put two on the banner, framed another, and set the rest out for guests to write notes on. I plan on mounting them to cardstock and making a sweet keepsake book for Mother and baby to look back on.

The banner is made out of a mixture of cardstock and patterend paper. I hand cut the circles and printed off the letters.


The Garland was stunning but incredibly easy to make. I simply bought a small amount of different fabric patterns/colors, cut them into strips, and tied them into knots on a string. I spruced it up with some sparkly and polka dotted ribbon.
IMG_5893 IMG_5894

I  wanted to send the guests home with a cupcake but I figured that wouldn’t be a very special memento since they would have already had one from the cake, so I decided to make faux cupcakes out of cupcake liners, dark chocolate hershy kisses, and hand crafted pom poms. I still haven’t eaten mine. It is sitting here reminding me of that cupcake room I plan on making someday when I am a billionaire and have 10 different rooms to decorate!


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