Window Markers and The Illusion of Cleanliness!

window markers illusion

If you ever walk into our house and my living room is super tidy, dusted, and perfect looking that is a BIG red flag! Whatever you do DON’T look around the corner into the kitchen. Best to sit on our couch and bask in the illusion of cleanliness. Generally, if my living room looks like a picture from a Martha Stewert magazine it means the rest of the house does not–in particular–the kitchen does not. Yes it is true. I HATE cleaning the kitchen. So much so, that I resort to my scheming 10 your old self, trying to figure out how I can get out of it or put it off one more day.

Generally speaking, cleaning the living room assuages most of my guilt and has proven to be my favorite means of sticking my head in the sand. That would be why a few days ago, instead of giving the Kitchen the TLC it desperately needed, I cleaned my living room…again… thus resulting in the before-mentioned perfect red flag aura. Sadly, or maybe thankfully, my scheme backfired. You see, the aura did not last long because as I sat basking in my little piece of house heaven, a teeny tiny baby fly started buzzing around my ear…and then another…and then another! Okay!!! Time to grow up in a hurry! Be gone 10 year old Grace! Upon discovering the small family of flies that came from my woefully neglected kitchen I put the kids in their high chairs and cleaned like my life depended on it (I might have an irrational fear of flies. Might.).

After the kids lost interest in snacking I pulled out my most recent investment… Window Markers!! They are the perfect new addition to my bag o tricks. I simply scooted Adam’s high chair up to the kitchen window and let him have at it while I cleaned at my hurried pace. They entertained Adam for upwards of 30 minutes and Owen was happy to watch while he banged on his drum set.

IMG_4665 IMG_4666  IMG_4668IMG_4669

BEHOLD! I give you my beautiful AND clean kitchen!

IMG_4672 IMG_4673 IMG_4674 IMG_4675





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