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An exceptional day

**disclaimer** There are a TON of pictures in this post. My mother in law just found my digital camera that has been lost for months so I was a little snap happy. **disclaimer**


Do you ever have one of “those” days? You know, the ones where the proverbial rug is pulled right out from under you? Your kids wake up two hours earlier than usual. The cute toddler breakfast you just spent 10 min arranging to look like a puppy dog is tossed on the floor after two bites. A few minutes later you trip over said “puppy dog” and end up with a front row seat to the DMA arts newest exhibit…no wait that’s just your kitchen floor. I could list many other real life Mommy examples to help you better understand what I mean by “those” days but seeing as I did not have one of “those” days today I will spare you the gory details. 🙂


Yes, today was decidedly not one of “those” days. In fact I kind of felt like super Mom. Not that I did anything super by Mommy blogging standards (UM have you seen the amazing sensory play things they set up for their kids?? Boil and dye 10 lbs of spaghetti? Aint nobody got time for that!) but considering my boys are 1. alive and 2. actually asked to have Bible study time this morning I’m feeling pretty super. Plus we really did pack a lot of fun things into our day. 🙂


Every morning right after breakfast while the kiddos are still my little prisoners (buckled into their high chairs) we sing a couple of songs (their favorite being the B-I-B-L-E) and I read from (and of course add my own commentary to) their baby Bible book. This morning we read about Moses and the ten commandments…


After this we  spent some time reviewing our animal flash cards (awesome Target dollar store find!) and then being inspired by the Snake card, we worked on memorizing the letter S. We also learned about the letter A. A is for Adam! And for Apple…our morning snack. Here are some pictures I drew and Adam colored in…


A real masterpiece collection…in my heart anyway! Lol.

After naptime we made necklaces out of yarn and fruit loops. A great fine motor activity for toddlers and I’m thinking slightly healthier than candy necklaces. 🙂


I also used the yarn to make a “choo choo train” out of some toy bins. Adam loved this and put some of his favorite stuffed animals in the “carts.”


After Adam finished DEVOURING his necklace and Owen stopped trying to steal it I packed up some lunch and we went to the park. We found some shade and had a great time squishing the ants that made their way onto our blanket. Adam loved pushing “Owie” in the swing. 🙂


After making some nature sensory bags we went to the Library and cooled off while finding some great books for the boys. Mama too!


Afterwards the kids took a good two hour nap while I had some relaxing Mommy time. Finally, we met Daddy, Jomi, and PaPaw (Bailey’s parents) at our favorite restaurant of all time: Buffalo Wild Wings. Nom nom nom. Just in time for their Tuesday special! “Yes I will have 50 of your 65 cent wings!” 😛


Each day is a gift from the Lord. The good and the bad. Can”t say that I”m not glad it was a good one though!


What kind of day did you have? Was it one of “those” days? Was it exceptional? I would love to hear about your real life Mommy examples!