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Bathtime with Mama!

My husband works nights. This was quite a tough adjustment to begin with but is now a blessing! His work is an hour away and his shifts are 12.5 hours long but because he only works 3 to 4 nights a week, the off days almost feel like a mini vacation. On his off days, I give the kids a bath while he is asleep and then when he wakes up he watches the boys and I take a shower. While this little routine could function for his work days too, I am not a fan. Since we only get 1 to 2 hours together on those days I don’t want to spend 30 minutes of that time showering/dressing. So instead of showering, I take a bath during the day (while he’s asleep)…with my kids. đŸ™‚

It may sound crazy but it actually saves a lot of time and the boys think it’s a blast. Adam is not yet two and Owen is almost 6 months. I’m not sure how long I will continue to do this but for now, Bailey and I think it’s okay.

Here are the details of our crazy little routine…

Pre bath: I make a pallet by the bathroom door and set out a diaper, wipes, toy, and a change of clothes. I also bring in the sleep n play snugabunny and set it next to the pallet. I also set out my change of clothes. I then set out our three towels, put Owen’s bath chair into the tub, and start running the bath water.

Bath time: I undress Adam and put him in the tub and add a few drops of food coloring. He LOVES this and enjoys watching his bath water change color. While he is sitting in the tub (with my eye on him the whole time) I lay Owen down on the pallet and undress him. I then put him in his bath chair and suds him up. It doesn’t take long to bathe Owen because he’s too young to fight me! After I wash him I dry him off, dress him, and buckle him into the snugabunny and pull it into the bathroom along with his toy. The whole time I keep my eyes on Adam to make sure he doesn’t try to stand up. He obeys pretty well so if he does try I just have to tell him no and he’ll sit back down. At this point, I undress and get in the tub with Adam. I wash myself and then Adam. Once we’re both clean I get out, dry off and get dressed (my eyes still on Adam the whole time). I then take Adam out and dry him off. I pull the snugabunny down the hall into Adam’s room and dress Adam and viola! We are done! Lol.

Here are some bath time pics!

IMG_4442IMG_4443IMG_4448IMG_4256 IMG_4259 IMG_4264