Rockin Out in the Kitchen

Though Adam and I are definitely getting a bit stir crazy (due to the snow/ice storm that has been going on the past couple of days), today was a great day! We had lots of cuddles, read a ton of books, built lego towers and had so much fun making music in the kitchen. I played the piano at Victory Church on Wednesday and consequently my keyboard has been sitting out on the table. For quite a while Adam played on his mini piano while I played on mine and then after a bit I let him play on the real thing. We danced around the kitchen and had so much fun that even Owie was cooing and smiling. I wish that Bailey could have been there but he was/is at work. Pray for his safety as he drives home tomorrow morning! Here are some pics of the boys…

  baby piano little fingers   

smiling piano playerpiano player Adam

 Owie O Happy Owie

As you can see, Owen is sitting in Adam’s old high chair. Oddly enough he really seems to like this. He also likes snuggling in my Moby wrap. My wrap has made life easier and harder. Easier because Owen is content in it yet my hands are free to play with Adam/do housework and harder because it has started to cause my back to ache. I am looking into buying a woven wrap because, unlike my Moby wrap, it does not stretch which means the weight will be more evenly distributed. Here’s a picture of me carrying Owen earlier today. I look crazy but he looked so cute I had to share.

moby wrap

We are still trying to eat healthy! Here are a couple pictures of meals Adam has eaten. The first one is Peanut Butter French toast, Kiwi, and Yogurt. The second one is Chicken Spaghetti, grapes, orange bell pepper, and breaded zucchini.

plate food food
Aaaand of course I put them in matching shirts!! Lol.

matching outfit of the day


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