Marathon Update and Eating Healthy

Boy am I bad at keeping up with this thing! I guess once again I’ll write a marathon update on life.

Thankfully, the progesterone shots that I had to take every week did their job and Owen was born full term and in great health. My pregnancy was pretty rough those last two months or so (partial bed rest/complications) but it was all worth it! Here’s a couple pics of Owen as a newborn…

IMG_2894me and owen first day

The first two weeks were a bit rough and I had to go to the ER but despite my health, because of the many meals brought to us, help from family and friends, and by the grace of God we were able to quickly adjust to life with two boys. It definitely helps that Owen sleeps “like a baby” in the naive sense of the phrase. I get about 8 hours almost every night! Such a blessing.

The first time Adam saw Owen he said (with a frown) “What’s that???” But he has quickly grown to love his brother and enjoys playing with him. His favorite thing to do is wake up “Owie” from his nap! Definitely my favorite thing too. :-/ Here are some pics of them together. As you can see, I get a kick out of putting them in matching outfits! Lol.


A couple of months before Owen arrived we moved into our first house. We opted out of having  one built (they took too long and went up on the price) and bought a beautiful home in Kaufman. We absolutely love it here and I have enjoyed decorating the rooms. Here are a few pics of our house…

house  wallkitchenroom

When Owen was two months old we went on his first road trip! We drove to Alabama for Christmas to visit with Bailey’s family. It was a lot of fun! Afterwards we drove to Tennessee to visit with my sister and her family! Adam loved playing with his cousins and Bailey and I had such a good time visiting with Ken and Sabrina!  Here are some pics from our vacation…


And of course there was Christmas!

IMG_3549 IMG_3589   IMG_3541IMG_3571 IMG_3580IMG_3960IMG_3961IMG_3972IMG_3977IMG_3612IMG_3505IMG_3459IMG_3453

Now that all of that is out of the way and I got these ADORABLE pictures out of my system I can write about what I got on here to write about! LOL.

For the past few weeks Adam has been very moody and more tired than usual. I did some research on what I could do to give him more energy and maybe improve on his attitude. What stood out to me was to make sure he gets enough sleep, drinks plenty of liquid, gets exercise and eats a healthy rounded diet. We have been doing pretty good on the sleep, erxercise and drinking but his diet has been lacking. Adam traditionally has been a very picky eater but I decided to try changing his diet anyway. I bought a ton of whole foods and for the past week I have been feeding him very healthy meals and not only has he scarfed them down but his attitude has definitely improved. He is so much happier and so am I!

Some of the things He’s had: Eggplant pizza, breaded cauliflower, green bean fries, dried mango, dried mixed veggies, organic cheddar ducks (healthy alternative to goldfish), zucchini, homemade “Kool-Aid” (tea mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar), kidney beans, cherry tomatoes, whole wheat blueberry and raspberry oatmeal muffins, etc. Here’s a picture of what he ate for breakfast this morning: Scrambled Eggs, Strawberries mixed with Organic Yogurt, and Ezekiel Organic Sprouted Bread topped with cheese. It’s simple but yummy and healthy. I think I’ll start posting pictures of his meals to give me motivation and maybe it will inspire other Mom’s to make healthy meals too! 🙂



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