Shot Day

Progesterone shots


Because my first child, Adam came early, my OB decided that this time around I would take weekly Progesterone shots. These started when I was 18 weeks pregnant and increase the chance by 30% that I will carry baby to term. Today is my fourth time taking the shot. It is extremely painful and takes a minimum of two minutes to administer. Because they shoot it into my muscle (and yes the needle really is that long and yes they poke the whole thing in me!) it seeps into the neighboring areas and aggravates my sciatica. The pain usually lasts for about 4 days but the intensity tapers off after the first day. Last week I ran some errands after my shot (very bad idea) and about 30 min into the drive the pain hit hard and was so intense I almost drove to the hospital. But I knew that there is nothing they can do except give me Tylenol/Codeine which I already have so I ended up spending the day on the coach seeing stars and letting Bailey take care of everything. Because my husband works nights he was able to get up and help me with Adam. He has been such a blessing and source of strength during these days. I am thankful that God has blessed me with such a fantastic husband and has blessed us with another baby. A 30% chance is not very high but I’ll take those odds and will do whatever it takes to protect my baby and keep him from having to experience the world before he’s ready.


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