Be Intentional

They are always learning:

Babies start learning from a very early age–even before they technically have an age and are still in the womb. They can recognize their Mommy’s voice without ever having seen her face. As they enter the world and continue to develop they are constantly taking everything in. They notice the mobile above their crib, they learn to nurse, they learn what it’s like to be in their Mother’s arms, they learn to smile, interact, crawl, etc. Often times they need help and guidance from Mom and Dad in achieving these milestones. Your baby will not thrive if you neglect them and do not interact with them.

You are always teaching:

Your little one is constantly learning from his surroundings but is also constantly learning from you–from your interactions and from your actions. That is why it is so important to be intentional with how you spend your time and with what you do and say–even in those early days. Your baby may not be able to repeat what you say or do but they are more than able to observe these things and eventually begin to mimic you.  And more often than not your child will begin to put value where you have put value. For example if you value your stuff more than your relationship with God, your husband, and kids then your child will most likely start to value his toys and things more than his relationship with God, his parents, and siblings  If you value accomplishing things (deadlines at your job, a clean house, a gourmet meal on the table, etc) above quality time with your family then your children will pick up on that and flesh it out in their own lives. None of these things are bad in and of themselves but when we put them before our relationship with God and before our relationship with our family then not only are we missing out on God’s plan for our life but we are teaching our kids to do the same. Since babies are constantly learning it is important to consider what we want to teach and what we may be inadvertently teaching. The Bible says that we should train our children up in the way they should go. And when does the training start? I say it starts from day one. Babies learn by repetition so if they see you repeatedly putting  your job, your housework, TV shows, time on Facebook etc before your relationship with God, your husband, and kids they will most likely follow in your footsteps and have similar values.

What are you intentionally teaching your kids? What are you unintentionally teaching them?



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