I’m still alive!

When I designed this blog I was so excited to have a place I could write about my experiences as a new Mom. I planned to post often but as you can see 7 months have gone by without so much as a peep!

Shortly after my first post Adam started having major sleep issues. He began to wake up every hour every night and kept this up for nearly two months. Because my husband works nights I became very sleep deprived and found myself in survival mode. Near the tail end of this ordeal our apartment lease ended. Instead of signing another contract we decided we would move in with Bailey’s parents and begin looking for a house! We have been living with Mom and Dad Treherne for about 4 months now. Shortly after we moved in, much to our joy we found out that we were expecting again. Here are the most recent pictures of our newest addition…


These pictures are from our last Sonogram appointment. The Doctor could tell what we were having but instead of letting us know, we asked him to put the sex into an envelope for us. The next day we had a small get together with our family to find out what the gender was. We took the envelope to a bakery and had them make a cake that had either blue or pink icing on the inside–depending on what we were having. I designed the outside of the cake and as you can tell by the color of the Teddy Bear I suspected we were having a girl. 🙂


After cutting into the cake we found out that Adam is going to have a little brother! Oops! Should have picked the blue bear. Needless to say we are very excited and are looking forward to meeting baby boy Treherne.

While I have enjoyed living with my in-laws and treasure the memories made I am very excited to move into our own home. Two weeks ago we signed a contract with a builder. Our house is in the process of being built and should be done  in July or August.


Well, that brings us to present day! Here are some pics of our family over the past 7 months. Thanks for taking the time to read about our lives. I am excited to finally begin writing about my experiences as Mom.

IMG_0046IMG_0060IMG_0091 IMG_0174 IMG_0205 IMG_0200 IMG_0258 IMG_0299 IMG_0401 IMG_0444 IMG_0476 IMG_0489 IMG_0487 IMG_0505 IMG_0518 IMG_0600 IMG_0581 IMG_0703 IMG_0723 IMG_0729 IMG_0759 IMG_0777 IMG_0806 IMG_0842 IMG_0797 IMG_0854 IMG_0917 IMG_0883 IMG_0861 IMG_0995 IMG_1046 IMG_1079 IMG_1065 IMG_1113 IMG_1114 IMG_1122 IMG_1141 IMG_1178 IMG_1191 IMG_1255 IMG_1284 IMG_1324 IMG_1337 IMG_1349 IMG_1366IMG_1370IMG_1392IMG_1426IMG_1479 IMG_1493IMG_1527IMG_1596IMG_1622IMG_1651IMG_1669IMG_1758IMG_1843IMG_1740IMG_1733IMG_2095IMG_2104IMG_2113IMG_1751


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