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Shot Day

Progesterone shots


Because my first child, Adam came early, my OB decided that this time around I would take weekly Progesterone shots. These started when I was 18 weeks pregnant and increase the chance by 30% that I will carry baby to term. Today is my fourth time taking the shot. It is extremely painful and takes a minimum of two minutes to administer. Because they shoot it into my muscle (and yes the needle really is that long and yes they poke the whole thing in me!) it seeps into the neighboring areas and aggravates my sciatica. The pain usually lasts for about 4 days but the intensity tapers off after the first day. Last week I ran some errands after my shot (very bad idea) and about 30 min into the drive the pain hit hard and was so intense I almost drove to the hospital. But I knew that there is nothing they can do except give me Tylenol/Codeine which I already have so I ended up spending the day on the coach seeing stars and letting Bailey take care of everything. Because my husband works nights he was able to get up and help me with Adam. He has been such a blessing and source of strength during these days. I am thankful that God has blessed me with such a fantastic husband and has blessed us with another baby. A 30% chance is not very high but I’ll take those odds and will do whatever it takes to protect my baby and keep him from having to experience the world before he’s ready.


Be Intentional

They are always learning:

Babies start learning from a very early age–even before they technically have an age and are still in the womb. They can recognize their Mommy’s voice without ever having seen her face. As they enter the world and continue to develop they are constantly taking everything in. They notice the mobile above their crib, they learn to nurse, they learn what it’s like to be in their Mother’s arms, they learn to smile, interact, crawl, etc. Often times they need help and guidance from Mom and Dad in achieving these milestones. Your baby will not thrive if you neglect them and do not interact with them.

You are always teaching:

Your little one is constantly learning from his surroundings but is also constantly learning from you–from your interactions and from your actions. That is why it is so important to be intentional with how you spend your time and with what you do and say–even in those early days. Your baby may not be able to repeat what you say or do but they are more than able to observe these things and eventually begin to mimic you.  And more often than not your child will begin to put value where you have put value. For example if you value your stuff more than your relationship with God, your husband, and kids then your child will most likely start to value his toys and things more than his relationship with God, his parents, and siblings  If you value accomplishing things (deadlines at your job, a clean house, a gourmet meal on the table, etc) above quality time with your family then your children will pick up on that and flesh it out in their own lives. None of these things are bad in and of themselves but when we put them before our relationship with God and before our relationship with our family then not only are we missing out on God’s plan for our life but we are teaching our kids to do the same. Since babies are constantly learning it is important to consider what we want to teach and what we may be inadvertently teaching. The Bible says that we should train our children up in the way they should go. And when does the training start? I say it starts from day one. Babies learn by repetition so if they see you repeatedly putting  your job, your housework, TV shows, time on Facebook etc before your relationship with God, your husband, and kids they will most likely follow in your footsteps and have similar values.

What are you intentionally teaching your kids? What are you unintentionally teaching them?


Taking Your Baby to the Movies!


My husband, Bailey and I absolutely love going to the movies! And now our son loves going too! We’ve had great success taking Adam to the big screen. Here are my tips and tricks for how to have an enjoyable viewing experience and how to make sure those around you do as well.


If your baby is very young and can fall asleep no matter where you are, then go see a movie that starts right before his nap or bedtime. Chances are he’ll sleep through the whole thing! If your baby is not so flexible then take them right after they wake up from a nap.

If your baby is older take them right after they wake up from their nap to ensure a good mood.  The last thing you want to happen is for baby to have a meltdown in the theater!

As your baby gets older and is harder to predict, it is a good idea to take them earlier in the day because chances are the theater will be filled with other Mom’s and their kids vs. unaccompanied adults and couples. The former tend to be much more forgiving if your baby decides to announce his presence .

Type of Movie:

When your baby is a newborn the sky is the limit. See whatever you want! But as your baby gets older you will notice at some point that they start paying attention to what you are watching–and if it’s not interesting they will let you know. We were able to take Adam to any type of movie until he was about 6 months old and from that point on we have switched exclusively to animated features. Animated features in general are a good idea because the content is more kid appropriate and the crowd is much more accepting of baby.

Where to sit: 

Again, when your baby is very young this does not matter so much. But as they get older I have found that sitting fairly close to the screen is key. If you sit too far back the movie becomes a part of the background and the people sitting around you begin to look much too interesting. My son absolutely loves other babies and kids so we have found that it is a good idea to sit alone or next to adults. It’s also a good idea to sit at the end of an isle close to an exit in case you have to make a quick getaway. Ever noticed how those diaper blowouts ALWAYS come at the most inconvenient times??

What to bring: 

This section is perhaps one of the most important. Without fail at some point during the movie there will be a point when Adam’s attention falters. It is our job as Super Mommies to be armed with “weapons” of distraction. Whether your baby is a newborn or a 10 month old, milk is one of your best assets.  Have your baby’s bottle prepared before you go into the movie and have it close by. I always mix a little more than he typically drinks just to be on the safe side. Hell hath no fury than a baby that has ran out of milk! If breastfeeding, make sure to have your cover handy. If your baby is old enough you may want to skip the milk and substitute it for juice.

Depending on whether or not your baby takes a pacifier, it would be a good idea to bring a few extra as well as a pacifier clip. If applicable, another thing to bring is something to snack on. I usually bring Gerber’s Baby Puffs. They are Adam’s favorite treat and happen to have a serving size of 83 pieces which means they keep my little guy busy for quite a while.

Last, but definitely not least, I bring toys. As soon as Adam was able to hold his toys he was also able to drop them and now that he can throw things…well, let’s just say that Mr. Baldy sitting in front of us makes a perfect target. In order to prevent getting Adam’s toys dirty and disrupting our neighbors one of the best things we’ve done is tie his toys in a row to a string and then either hold the end of it or anchor it to the armrest.  This toy chain gives baby freedom to play to his hearts content and frees you up to watch the movie.

Random Tips:

  • If your baby can grab things, keep your drink on the floor instead of in the cup holder. Keep your food out of reach as well.
  • If no one is sitting besides you and you have ran out of things to distract your little one, moving the arm rest up and down can be incredibly entertaining.
  • Typically people do not expect to see a baby in a movie that is rated PG-13 or R so if you decide to take your baby to one of these showings be prepared for a few savory glances.
  • Keep your expectations low and be prepared to leave the theater if baby won’t cooperate. You don’t want your kiddo to ruin the experience for everyone. We have had to do this once and though it was disappointing we didn’t let it discourage us from trying  again.
  • Try bringing some unconventional “toys” such as a measuring cup, DVD case, or teething necklace in addition to your toy chain.


  • If the pressure of keeping baby quiet during the whole movie is too much, many AMC theaters have a special “Cry Baby” showing once a month where Mother’s are invited to bring their babies and come enjoy a movie. Typically the showings are during the week and are in the morning. Stroller parking is provided, the lights are slightly turned up, the volume is somewhat turned down, and standard ticketing fees apply.
  • Another option is to go to a drive in movie theater. Since you never have to leave your car, if baby has a bout of colic or gets bored you don’t have to miss the ending!

I’m still alive!

When I designed this blog I was so excited to have a place I could write about my experiences as a new Mom. I planned to post often but as you can see 7 months have gone by without so much as a peep!

Shortly after my first post Adam started having major sleep issues. He began to wake up every hour every night and kept this up for nearly two months. Because my husband works nights I became very sleep deprived and found myself in survival mode. Near the tail end of this ordeal our apartment lease ended. Instead of signing another contract we decided we would move in with Bailey’s parents and begin looking for a house! We have been living with Mom and Dad Treherne for about 4 months now. Shortly after we moved in, much to our joy we found out that we were expecting again. Here are the most recent pictures of our newest addition…


These pictures are from our last Sonogram appointment. The Doctor could tell what we were having but instead of letting us know, we asked him to put the sex into an envelope for us. The next day we had a small get together with our family to find out what the gender was. We took the envelope to a bakery and had them make a cake that had either blue or pink icing on the inside–depending on what we were having. I designed the outside of the cake and as you can tell by the color of the Teddy Bear I suspected we were having a girl. 🙂


After cutting into the cake we found out that Adam is going to have a little brother! Oops! Should have picked the blue bear. Needless to say we are very excited and are looking forward to meeting baby boy Treherne.

While I have enjoyed living with my in-laws and treasure the memories made I am very excited to move into our own home. Two weeks ago we signed a contract with a builder. Our house is in the process of being built and should be done  in July or August.


Well, that brings us to present day! Here are some pics of our family over the past 7 months. Thanks for taking the time to read about our lives. I am excited to finally begin writing about my experiences as Mom.

IMG_0046IMG_0060IMG_0091 IMG_0174 IMG_0205 IMG_0200 IMG_0258 IMG_0299 IMG_0401 IMG_0444 IMG_0476 IMG_0489 IMG_0487 IMG_0505 IMG_0518 IMG_0600 IMG_0581 IMG_0703 IMG_0723 IMG_0729 IMG_0759 IMG_0777 IMG_0806 IMG_0842 IMG_0797 IMG_0854 IMG_0917 IMG_0883 IMG_0861 IMG_0995 IMG_1046 IMG_1079 IMG_1065 IMG_1113 IMG_1114 IMG_1122 IMG_1141 IMG_1178 IMG_1191 IMG_1255 IMG_1284 IMG_1324 IMG_1337 IMG_1349 IMG_1366IMG_1370IMG_1392IMG_1426IMG_1479 IMG_1493IMG_1527IMG_1596IMG_1622IMG_1651IMG_1669IMG_1758IMG_1843IMG_1740IMG_1733IMG_2095IMG_2104IMG_2113IMG_1751