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Introduction of Sorts

Hello! My name is Grace. I am 25 years old and am married to an incredible man, Bailey. He is the love of my life and a gift from the Lord. In January we will have been married for a year and a half.

Four months after we said “I do,” the Lord blessed us with a little life inside of me. We were so excited to be parents! Adam Rydial decided to come early and was born at 35 weeks on July 3rd 2012 weighing 5 pounds 5 ounces and measuring 18.5 inches long. He was born on my Grandpa Jack’s birthday. What a sweet albeit scary surprise! Our little man was in the NICU for two weeks. Adam was still in the hospital on our one year anniversary–July 8th. We had as nice of an evening you can have when your son is in the hospital. Those were the hardest two weeks of our lives but God pulled us through and we are now better for it. Daily I am reminded of the blessing that Adam is and am so thankful to God for saving his precious tiny life. Here are some pictures of what he looked like during those early days…

He is now 4 and a half months old weighing a whopping 14 pounds and 12 ounces! He is growing well with no complications. In fact…at our checkup yesterday his doctor said that he is developmentally ahead by half a month! Go Adam! He can sit up on his own for about 20 seconds, roll from his tummy to his back, and stand on his legs for a good while. Proud might be an understatement. 🙂 Here are a couple pictures of what he looks like now!

At his checkup he received the ominous 4 month vaccinations. Poor baby HATES getting shots…but then I think everyone does!! For the first 3 hours he was fine but then he randomly began to cry inconsolably. No fever–just loads of pain. I gave him some Tylenol and while we waited for that to kick in I also gave him an impromptu sink bath. This was very helpful with the pain. He sat in there for quite a while because every time I moved him (even slightly) he would start wailing all over again.

We finally made it to bed but were up all night off and on due to fever. It was a bit high but after his two month shots in which his fever climbed to 102.5 I am okay with his high this time around–101.6. 🙂 I am hoping that tonight this tired Mommy gets some rest!